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Beginning PHP 5.3 Print + eBook Bundle Matt Doyle

У нас вы можете скачать книгу Beginning PHP 5.3 Print + eBook Bundle Matt Doyle в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Beginning PHP 5. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 11, Jeff rated it it was ok. For some odd reason goodreads has this book as "Beginning PHP 6" when it actually is about 5. PHP is a very easy language to learn when coming from other languages like C. Sep 24, Alpha rated it liked it Shelves: PHP is an ugly language, although the author tried his best.

Dallas rated it liked it Mar 06, Brian Deragon rated it really liked it Apr 06, Hiba Derieh rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Marc rated it it was amazing Feb 23, Vollnixx rated it liked it May 13, Nikki rated it it was ok Jun 14, Sarah Muck rated it liked it Jul 18, Where the book could be stronger: It is why I was learning PHP.

There is a chapter on this and there is a section on e-mailing via PHP. He does not really clarify whether or not the solution he presents will be robust against that threat. Second order of business, how to keep crackers or is it hackers?

I had to go online and do further research to learn what Doyle left out. Surely the person who typed in the password does not need to be blocked from seeing his own password should we be doing error handling.

I am only halfway through the book. Perhaps in later chapters there are some examples of where implementing classes, inheritance and interfaces are used in a real setting? My web host does not support it, so I have no reason to learn it. Overall, I would recommend the book. Doyle should write another edition of this book, hopefully he will shore up the areas I listed above. Well, I guess, better late than never! Having worked in technical education for many years, and more recently as a front-end web developer, I know how crucial it is for educators and web designers to have a good grasp of the workings of PHP.

PHP is the most widely used programing language, developed from the ground up, to address the needs of the web browsing consumer. Back in November while looking at new arrivals in the technology section at a local bookstore, I came across what I consider now, the ideal book on the subject of PHP.

This textbook "magically" to borrow a term used recently by Steve Jobs has clarified my understanding of many concepts in PHP that for years I felt pretty fussy about! Even better, I now also have a chance with this book to be very much up to date on the newest features of PHP programming brought on by version 5. Advances like object overloading, abstract classes, interfaces, namespaces and XML parsers are treated by Matt Doyle in his characteristic down-to-earth style.

For schools with courses on programming, Beginning PHP 5. It even includes exercises at the end of every chapter, with the solutions at the end of the book. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

This is a best of breed PHP 5. It covers a lot. I have the paperback and Kindle Fire edition of this text. Matt Doyle does an excellent job detailing what you need to know about PHP. If you write PHP and you do not have this book, man, you really are missing out. One person found this helpful. Purchased this book just beginning of this month, and I am on Chapter 8 as I am writing this book review.

This book is really easy to follow if you want to get started with PHP programming. The best part that I like the most about this book is the exercises at the end of each chapter. See all 36 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago. Published on March 27, Published on March 1, Published on December 9, Published on December 16, Published on October 8, Published on September 21, Published on June 21, Published on May 31, Ссылка для форума книга Matt Doyle.

Ссылка на книгу Matt Doyle. Видео по уходу за собой Красота. Воспитание и обучение детей Видео по шитью, рукоделию Образование и для бизнеса Скачать книгу Matt Doyle. Looks at the ways that PHP programs interact with web servers and other technologies such as HTMLExamines ways to create and use strings, arrays, objects, functions, and files in your scriptsWalks you through the creation and manipulation of web graphics using PHP Serving as a complete introduction to PHP 5.

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