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20000 Leagues under the Sea (комплект из 2 книг + CD) Jules Verne

У нас вы можете скачать книгу 20000 Leagues under the Sea (комплект из 2 книг + CD) Jules Verne в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

Along with his great contemporary, Wells, they were the pioneers of early science fiction. Great book for those of you who like to read the classics. I have to say that to those of you who do not like the book due to the storyline you are either not a fan of science fiction novels or you are one of the many unfortunate products of a society that no longer takes into consideration that there was good reads prior to Great story, excellent characters.

Perhaps Nemo is the worlds first environmental activist in his over the top possessiveness of the worlds oceans. For those of you giving this book such low marks and bad reviews: Maybe you should put down the Harry Potters and Twilights and pick up an actual book every now and then. I personally did not like this book at all, i had to read it for my science class and then do a fuve page book report on it. Its hard to write such a long book report on a book that was not interesting at all.

It has to be one of the worst books ive ever read. This book had to be one of the worst books i ever read hands down for all of you that like it So, I read this book for a book report on a classic book.

This book totally saved me. Its really worth reading on a full stomach. I studied this book when i was at school. It is very amazing one by Jules Verne. I was fascinated when reading this book. I think that Verne was so full of imagination that he could depict the undersea world as if he had seen it with his eyes!

Although a classic, this book has lengths and lacks a good plot. Some paragraphs are missing better try the 2nd version - not the usual Gutenberg quality. Aquarians and ichthyologists will love it.

It starts out with a creature that is causing trouble all over the globe and some people think that it is a gaint narwhal but they are wrong. The book is a awesome read for people in the teens and for adults to. The Civil War in the US had employed two submarines, the Confederate Merrimac was the first iron-clad ship, and was followed by the Monitor for the North, which was built in an amazing days. Can it be that the telling of the story of 20, Leagues Under the Sea writen in be anything more than genius?

Captain Nemo, and unbeknownest to the world at large, is the commander of this mystery animal-or-mineral The book is written as the journal of an American. This in itself is interesting, when one considers that Jules Verne was French! Another interesting bit of trivia is that when the Abraham Lincoln, the ship which Aronnax has boarded at the last minute because he agreed to join the expedition at the last minute, leaves its dock, the American flag is raised three times, waving proudly its 39 stars!

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